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10 Questions to Find the Best Energy Management Software

Printable Checklist to Evaluate Energy Management Solutions

You've done all your research, and now the time has come to have "The Conversation" with your potential energy management software provider. Or perhaps you're still searching for your perfect match? These 10 questions can help you benchmark different providers.

If you already have an aM&T software system in place, ask these essential questions to your current EMS provider. To make it even easier, we created a handly and printable checklist. Download it for free by completeing the form to the right. checklist-10qs.png

  • Print to start evaluating the different solutions on the market!
  • 10 questions to make sure you go into the conversation well-informed
  • Avoid smokescreen sales pitches - this checklist keeps the conversation stuck to the facts!


Get your checklist:



You can try today, and for free, the platform used by the Spanish Ministry of Industry to save money and time on energy management: DEXMA. Our powerful cloud solution to analyse, undertand and control energy consumption. 

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