Webinar Spacewell Energy | Recording

Adding Value to Your ESCO

Demand Side Management (DSM) is evolving fast.

A proliferation of new technologies is ready and waiting to be applied in buildings: HVAC optimisation, integrating on-site renewables, especially solar generation... and of course, huge leaps forward in Demand Response (DR).

In this training session, Spacewell Energy (Dexma) R&D Director Miguel Cruz (Sales Director International since 2021) discusses:

  • Which Demand Side Management innovations you can apply TODAY to your clients' projects: deliver more value! 

  • The benefits of Demand Response and how ESCOs can prepare for it: a great way to retain more customers and get new ones on board! 
  • New applications related to both DSM and DR enabling you to deliver more successful, complete and effective energy management services.

Watch our free training to prepare for big changes that are coming to the energy management market and stay ahead of the competition!