Spacewell Energy Webinar | Recording

How Demand Response optimises energy dispatching in real time

As the global energy sector seeks to drive the shift to net zero, rolling out demand response has never been more important.

RESPOND is a three-year, EU-funded research and innovation project aimed at adapting successful industrial demand response models to domestic use, in order to better match energy supply with demand.

Engerati hosted project leaders to hear the challenges and trends in DR and the lessons learnt from the three pilot sites in Spain, Ireland and Denmark.

To better understand Demand Response, our Experts will explain:

  • DR in the energy sector, the benefits for domestic users and how users react to price signals: feedback of 3 pilots sites.
  • How the App RESPOND and Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Analyse help Utilities bring flexibility closer to the prosumer.
  • What have been the objectives and challenges while developing a demand response platform such as RESPOND. What lessons did we learn?
  • How COVID-19 pandemic affected demand response at a worldwide scale

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Organisers and Speakers:

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