Spacewell Energy and JustaEnergia helped Las Arenas to Centralise and Automate its Readings

Las Arenas Shopping Centre is one of the most iconic shopping centres in the city of Barcelona, built in 2011 in the old bullring. With more than 100,000 m2 of floor space and more than 100 active shops.

Using Spacewell Energy by Dexma technology and with the help of partner JustaEnergia, Las Arenas achieved the following:

  • To centralise the reading of water meters throughout the site.

  • To automate processes and facilitate the invoicing tasks of the administration team.

  • To monitor, control and regulate air-conditioning systems.

Implemented by:

Justa Energia - Energy management

"Since our beginnings as a company 10 years ago, we are partners of Spacewell Energy. They remotely manage the consumption of our customers, analyse the data and offer them energy efficiency solutions based on their consumption and their real needs."