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How a Microgrid helps you to Convert your Buildings into NZEBs?

According to the European Commission data, buildings account for 40% of energy consumption and they are responsible for 36% of CO2 emissions in Europe. 

To change these numbers and achieve the targets set for Decarbonisation and Energy Transition by 2030, the EU has established different Directives and Regulations that oblige all buildings in the Member States to increase their energy efficiency. This means a transition of today's buildings to "Nearly Zero Energy Buildings" or NZEB by 2030

This is a huge challenge both for the energy sector (utilities, energy management, facility management, renewables, etc.) and for the other sectors with large building portfolios (real estate, retail, etc.). 

In response to these requirements, the number of buildings with renewable energy installations (e.g. Photovoltaic Glass for buildings) - which also have batteries, electric vehicles, etc. - is significantly increasing to form what are called Microgrids.

That is why, to better understand these concepts, Laura Martinez (Head of R&D at Spacewell Energy by Dexma), Alfonso Mateos (Product Owner at Spacewell Energy by Dexma) and Diego Cuevas (VP Global Business Development from Onyx) will explain:

  • What Nearly Zero Energy Buildings or NZEBs are and how they work.
  • What the European Regulations require of NZEBs, with specific examples from countries such as the UK, France, Italy and Spain.
  • What types of renewable energy can be installed in buildings. In particular Onyx will show us the latest innovation in photovoltaic glass for buildings.
  • How to analyse and optimise the energy consumption and generation of your buildings. 
  • How to manage Microgrids for the NZEBs of the future.

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