Determine Your Energy Data Points Needs

You've probably heard the term "data point" and understand what it means (if not, catch up here). But do you know how many data points you actually need for your energy efficiency project? 

Energy Data Point Calculator [Free Excel Template] | Spacewell Energy by DexmaData points are crucial variables that capture essential operational insights and to provide context for your energy management system to deliver actionable value.  It might sound counterintuitive, but:

  • more data points actually make your data less noisy and more actionable
  • data points drive down payback periods from years to months
  • ROI increases by orders of magnitude 

Use our free Excel template to help you determine your energy data needs in minutes. 

The formulas are built-in to automatically calculate the estimated number of data points needed for your next energy efficiency project.

How to Use the Data Point Calculator

  • Download the data point calculator template by submitting the form on the right.
  • Add your building data and the number of variables you'd like to track by meter. 
  • Voilà! In minutes you get the estimated number of data points needed to start an energy efficiency initiative in your company, or for your next client project! 

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