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Energy Efficiency in Healthcare: How Canis Veterinary Hospital Saved Over €20,000

Experts from Audit Energía Share Best Practices for Energy Management in Healthcare Facilities


How to Implement Energy Management Plans in Healthcare

Hospitals and veterinary clinics are places that require high energy consumption so energy management can be especially complex. With different areas of activity (from operating rooms to research laboratories), some of which have to be "on" 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, healthcare facilities require uninterrupted energy supplies and non-stop operational services. 

The efficiency experts at Audit Energía helped Canis Veterinary Hospital to

  • Save €23,000 annually on energy costs

  • Carry out the installation of solar panels, implemented by experts at Innover. 

  • Optimise nightly consumption, thanks to the training and awareness of hospital staff. Total savings achieved: 23,400 kWh per year. 

Download the free success story and learn how you can implement a successful energy management plan to bring energy efficiency to your healthcare facility. 

Project implemented by: auditlogo2.png 

What stands out the most is how we can suddenly visualize our consumption. And, of course, the Audit Energy team that has helped us obtain both energy and cost savings.


Jordi Ros


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6 Best Practices for Energy Efficiency in Healthcare Facilities

Data Quality

When implementing an energy management plan in a hospital facility, you need to trust the data you receive is complete. Discover how Audit did this for the Canis Veterinary Hospital.

Get Everyone Involved

To reduce energy consumption, involving key staff is highly important. Learn how Audit helped train the staff of the Canis Veterinary Hospital.

Demonstrate ROI

Many veterinary services are made up of multiple stakeholders, so it is important to justify every euro spent on energy efficiency. DEXMA uses the IPMVP protocol to help you demonstrate the ROI of your hospital's energy management.

Real-Time Energy Data

Without real-time data, you can't take sufficiently quick action to adjust your path toward energy efficiency. Discover how Audit helped Canis Veterinary Hospital bring their animal hospital up to speed with real-time energy data.

Seek Expert Advice

The Canis success story was driven by the experience and expertise of Audit Energía to implement a complete energy efficiency plan for a veterinary hospital. Do you already have a team of energy managers in mind?

Compartir los Resultados

The entire hospital community needed to know about the new energy management plan. Plus, the positive results of saving energy in the hospital were something to celebrate! With DEXMA you can customise reports and give access to your entire organization.