How to Implement Energy Management Plans in Healthcare

Hospitals and veterinary clinics are places that require high energy consumption, so energy management can be especially complex.

With different areas of activity (from operating rooms to research laboratories), some of which have to be "on" 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, healthcare facilities require uninterrupted energy supplies and non-stop operational services. 

The efficiency experts at Audit Energía helped Canis Veterinary Hospital to

  • Save €23,000 annually on energy costs.

  • Carry out the installation of solar panels, implemented by experts at Innover. 

  • Optimise nightly consumption, thanks to the training and awareness of hospital staff. Total savings achieved: 23,400 kWh per year. 

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Energy Efficiency in Hospitals

"What stands out the most is how we can suddenly visualise our consumption. And, of course, the Audit Energy team that has helped us obtain both energy and cost savings."