How to Achieve Energy Efficiency in Corporate Buildings and Offices?

The COEC is a corporation governed by public law which brings together dentists and stomatologists from all over Catalonia, to organise all aspects of the performance of their profession. 

The main challenge faced by JustaEnergía was to manage a corporate building of more than 6,000 m2, with a wide variety of uses and heterogeneous occupations between floors.

  • What problems did they have before DEXMA and JustaEnergía stepped in?
  • Why did they opt for the real-time monitoring solution?
  • What were the results after using an energy management software?
  • How to achieve a saving of €18,000 per year, equivalent to 25% of the building's energy bill?

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Energy Efficiency in Corporate Buildings and Offices

"At COEC, we care about managing resources efficiently. Hence, we rely on the DEXMA Platform and management by JustaEnergía for continuous monitoring of power consumption in our facilities, reducing energy expenditure significantly."