Plan your Energy Project Budget in 2'

Are you scrambling to quote a budget or calculate the ROI of your next energy efficiency project? Or rushing to get your energy budget planning done before the end of the year? 

Use our free Excel Template to fast-track your energy project planning. The formulas are built-in to help you automatically calculate the estimated investment and ROI for your energy efficiency project.

Here's a quick preview with some sample data:

Energy Efficiency ROI Calculator [Free Excel Template] | Spacewell Energy by Dexma


How to Use the Energy Efficiency ROI Calculator

  • Download the energy efficiency ROI calculator template by submitting the form on the right
  • Add your cost data and your estimated savings potential (which you can get for free with a tool included in this template!)
  • Voilà! In minutes you get the estimated budget needed to start an energy efficiency initiative in your company, or for your next client project! 

Simply submit the form on the right and the template will be delivered to your inbox.