How to Run Successful Energy Efficiency Plans in Sports Centres

Sports facilities are very concerned about reducing their energy consumption costs because they are so high. On these facilities, energy managers find it hard to identify the action areas, because these centres are large and use many different energy sources.

Enertips experts managed to get Centre Atlètic Laietania to:

  • Save more than €76,000 a year on energy.

  • Detect irregularities in the consumption behaviour of various devices.  

  • Optimise passive consumption, and set alarms to identify anomalies, among others.

Download this success story and be inspired by the experience. Learn from the successful achievement of consolidated savings of 31% of the sports centre's annual energy costs.

Project implemented by:

Energy Efficiency in Sports Centres

"I would like to stress the excellent results obtained from all the changes and improvements made to date. Also, being able to know in detail about the consumption by zones and elements, which helps with decision making."


MANAGER, Centre Atlètic Laietania