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Energy Management in Schools

Saint Gervasi School Saved 18% Thanks to Top Energy Analytics Technology


Invest energy savings in your students!

Saint Gervasi School in Barcelona achieved 18% in savings by involving the entire school community in the efficient energy management of its facilities. 

DEXMA helped the institution monitor and control its energy consumption to apply several actions in order to optimise the contracted power.

Discover how to achieve:

  • Overall management improvements
  • Improvements during school hours
  • Reductions in heat consumption

When you save money with an energy management plan designed for your school, you can invest the money saved back into your students.

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We reduced our energy consumption by a full 18% during school hours by getting everyone involved. We’ve made energy awareness integral to our educational policy.
John Doe

David Cos

Director, Sant Gervasi School

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6 Keys to Success in Energy Management in Schools

The 10% Rule

Let's debunk an old myth: energy efficiency in schools is not expensive. The average investment needed, and just in the first year, is 10% of your total annual energy cost. 

No expert? No problem

Like in Saint Gervasi School, you don't need an energy expert in the facility. You will work with an Energy Services Company (ESCO) like Tarpuna, selected by Sant Gervasi, to achieve your goals. 

Will I have time?

On average, you can see ROI from energy management plans in schools after one year of work. But we have seen cases of 6 months turnover!

How much will I save?

It's one of the most important things to evaluate an energy efficiency plan. You can get an accurate estimate with DEXMA Detect - our new platform for easy benchmarking.

Will comfort be affected?

Implementing an energy management plan in your school can have a positive affect on your community. Students, teachers and parents all stand to benefit from energy use awareness!

Do I need hardware?

It depends on your energy savings potential and goals. Many schools save energy just by monitoring fiscal meters. With DEXMA Detect, get energy-saving recommendations without installing any hardware at all.