A Guide for Restaurants Seeking Smart Energy Advice

As a restaurateur, facility manager or franchise director, one of your main tasks is to meet sustainability goals while reducing overhead costs.

How to Become an Energy Intelligent Restaurant [Guide] | Spacewell Energy

Yet you are faced with a big barrier: restaurants are among the most energy intensive buildings in the tertiary sector, using anywhere from 3 to 10x the amount of energy consumed by the average commercial building, and can account for anywhere from 4-6% of operating costs.

Considering that the average profit margin of a full-service restaurant is usually less than 10% of gross revenue – energy consumption suddenly becomes a BIG financial concern.

So what is the role of the latest smart energy technology in helping the restaurant and food services sector overcome this financial quandary? 

Read this eBook to discover what kind of strategies, technologies and tools restaurants are using to get energy intelligent - and achieve considerable cost savings in the process.

What you'll get from this guide:

  • The main drivers of energy demand in food services - and how to address them
  • An understanding of how and why restaurants manage to invest in smart technology.
  • Real examples and success stories of significant energy savings in food services facilities.
  • Proven strategies to cut costs and reduce overhead while meeting sustainability goals.