A Guide for Utilities in Digital Transformation

It's a brave new energy world for utilities. As energy supply and distribution becomes decentralised and renewable sources become cheaper, new actors are entering the energy value chain and end users are becoming their own power producers. 

Energy Management Solution for a Future Proof Utility [Guide] | Spacewell Energy

Incumbent actors, from fossil fuel power plants to TSOs, DSOs to energy services retailers, must make way for new independent operators, energy brokers, renewable energy companies, ESCOs and storage operators.

So what does the role of the utility look like in this transformed energy value chain? And how do technologycustomer experience and innovation factor into each new utility business model?

Read this eBook to discover what kind of strategies, technologies and tools utilities are exploring to become future-proof.

What you'll find in this eBook:

  • 10 emerging business models for utilities in digital transformation - which applies to you?

  • How to raise the bar in customer experience - 3 working examples.

  • 5 technologies to meaningfully extend your utility's energy services.