Evolve Your Career: Shine as an Energy Manager!

The energy industry has become a competitive jungle.

How to become a better energy manager

There are thousands of companies offering audits, energy management systems, energy savings consultancy services...

Plus, the market is saturated with more tools than ever, while hardware continues to grow in complexity.

On top of all that, energy managers need to prove, more than ever, the value of their work, and must communicate with more people inside their companies. 

In other words: it's not easy to be an energy manager these days... 

That's why DEXMA launched "The Ultimate Guide to Becoming the Alpha Energy Manager." 

It's 40+ pages focused on how to step up your energy management game, plus insights into how your company can overcome their specific energy industry challenges. 


More things you'll find in this guide:

  • Description of the 5 Evolutionary Shifts that changed the energy market: competition, speculation, technology, corporate environments and energy regulation.

  • How these changes are driving the evolution of the Energy Manager's role, and impacting your day-to-day.
  • Actionable tips, free tools and best practices to address these challenges and eventually become an Alpha Energy Manager.