How to Turn your Retailer into an Energy Manager

The new paradigm in which the energy sector finds itself in (new technologies, digital transformation, energy transition) is forcing energy traders to reinvent themselves in order to be more competitive.

Utilities: How to Become the Energy Manager of your End Customer [Guide] | Spacewell Energy by Dexma

At DEXMA we believe that turning your retailer into an Energy Manager for its end customers is a great idea and a key to facing the energy transition.

In order to achieve this, they have to change their business model to a digital one that helps them develop new formulas in the product and service offerings they provide to their customers. 

To help you achieve this, we have created this guide specialised in Utilities where you will find key ideas to carry out this transformation process.


What you will learn in this Guide:

  • The 6 Business Challenges of Energy Utilities
  • Why and how Utilities can become the Energy Manager of their customers

  • How to improve the relationship with customers thanks to Big Data and Data Science

  • Which tools will help you to turn your Utility Company into an Energy Manager