Webinar Spacewell Energy | Recording

How to Influence the Energy Behaviour of the Users?

We know that energy management is one of the key factors for saving energy in buildings. 

However, behind any management, there are always people... Do we know for sure how the human factor affects our energy consumption? Who really is the energy manager of the building?

In Spacewell Energy by Dexma we do not want to miss any opportunity to save energy, and experience tells us that users are crucial to achieve it. That's why we invite you to watch our webinar recording.

Indeed, we will go further the general vision of energy management uncovering the piece that completes the 'puzzle': the HUMAN FACTOR.

In this webinar:

  • You will discover a new concept of buildings and energy management.
  • You will learn the keys to improve user behaviour.
  • You will come across real success stories in energy saving.
  • You will learn how to incorporate the human factor in your energy management strategy.

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