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Big projects, major investments, considerable energy, and financial savings are usually part of an energy efficiency project developed by an Energy Services Company (ESCO).

Indeed, the business model focuses precisely on obtaining these energy-economic savings that make the investment viable and profitable.


How to Streamline your Processes and Offer the Best Service to your Customers

In this 30' session you can learn how an EMS can help your ESCO and your customers in:

  • Setting up an energy management platform: proprietary fiscal metering, and sub-metering.
  • Identifying new strategies for decarbonisation: net-zero, energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Optimising energy performance through AI-driven monitoring, 24/7.
  • Carrying out an analysis continuously, automatically, reliably and following the best known and accepted protocol in the market: IPMVP.
  • Helping large consumers to improve by systematising energy management: ISO 50001.
  • Making life easier for Energy Managers, Facility Managers and others responsible for the proper use and maintenance of the organisation's assets.
  • Maximising savings, ensuring the smooth running, availability of facilities and user comfort through digital and automatic tools.

In other words, learn how to optimise your ESCO's resources to obtain a greater return on your projects through the use of an intelligent Energy Management System. 

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