Webinar Spacewell Energy | Recording

The real estate sector is undergoing major changes. More than ever, regulatory pressure for a sustainable sector is reshaping the economic landscape. 

Sustainable portfolios are increasingly demanded in every stage of the real estate’s life cycle. It implies the need for top-to-bottom strategies and tools that enable the sustainability accounting of the portfolios and the detection and implementation of sustainability and efficiency actions in every asset.

How Can you Improve the Energy Performance of your Building Portfolio?

In this webinar, we will discuss how an Energy Management System (EMS) such as the DEXMA Platform can help real estate companies address sustainability challenges. An EMS helps to better understand and manage energy consumption to reduce costs.

In this 30' session you will learn: 

  • The main challenges of the real estate industry and the main regulatory drivers.
  • How real estate companies can take advantage of advanced tools to define and analyse the energy consumption of their portfolio. 
  • How to use virtual energy audits to obtain a savings assessment and tailored recommendations.
  • How to digitalise the management of consumption and emissions: EMS integration, AI, machine learning & big data in Real Estate

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