Webinar Dexma | Recording

We understand that verifying energy savings is a challenge for you. To assist you, in this video our Experts will present how an energy management tool can simplify your work.

Indeed, despite the growing popularity of energy management systems, we noticed that there is still a gap in understanding. We want to help you maximise their benefits and show you how they can enhance your work!

Measuring Results and Checking Your Savings

In this video recording, you will learn more about M&V standards, international protocols, and how to measure savings. Finally, you will see in the demo how the Dexma Platform solution works.

During the session our experts covered the following aspects:

  • What is Energy Savings Measurement and Verification and why is it used
  • Energy Performance Contracts and the IPMVP protocol
  • The creation of baselines
  • Demo of the M&V tool using the Dexma Platform

Interested in learning more about Measurement & Verification tools together with our product professionals?

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