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The Most Complete Energy Metering Learning Bundle

Problems with hardware for energy metering?

No more! Get a free guide, a step-by-step checklist and access to a full video training session.

Created by and for energy managers that care about getting the right data to perform the best possible energy analysis for their projects!

Get your FREE Bundle:

Your FREE Metering for Energy Management Bundle Includes:

Metering for Energy Management - The Guide

Guide: How To Define a Winning Hardware Strategy

What is Energy Metering - Checklist to Decide

Checklist: 10 Steps to Choose Metering for Energy Managment



Video: Hardware 101 

Hardware for Energy Management doesn’t have to be hard

Hardware for energy efficiency usually brings up many questions: what devices are available on the market? How should I measure each energy source? How can I recommend hardware to a fresh new project, or to one with metering devices installed? 

But trust us: hardware doesn't have to be hard. With our learning materials for energy professionals, you will discover that energy metering for buildings is not as mysterious as you might think. It's just a matter of making 2 decisions: 

  • What do I need to measure? 
  • How am I going to send meter data to my Energy Analytics Platform?

What is Energy Metering? 

Energy metering is the first step to succeed in any energy efficiency plan. If you want to save money on your energy bills, you need to understand your consumption. To do so, you need data that shows how you're consuming energy. 
That data can only be tracked with energy metering. Energy metering is, basically, installing meters in your building to get actionable data from energy consumption and communicating - sending the data - from the meters to an energy management system. 
Meters, submeters, data loggers, gateways, network analysers...There are so many devices out there that can help you to define the energy metering strategy that you need to achieve your goals. 
With our free learning resources, you will master energy metering and be able to decide what your current or next project needs!
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What You Need to Learn About Energy Metering:

Here's what we cover in the materials included in our FREE Hardware Learning Bundle:

How to decide WHAT to measure

One of the two main decisions that you need to make about installing energy metering for your buildings. Check the free guide to understand how to measure each power source. 

How to COMMUNICATE your meters

This is the second big decision you need to make when thinking about energy metering. With our checklist you can decide, step by step, the communications strategy needed for your projects. 

What is MODBUS?

This communication protocol can be tricky. Watch our video training and discover the differences between MODBUS TCP and MODBUS RTU (with real and visual examples).

What is a Gateway?

Discover the main differences between a meter and a gateway, the limits of the fiscal meter, what a network analyzer is...

Get the Only Hardware-Neutral Energy Analysis Platform 

Get an instant, free and open access to our energy analytics platform, DEXMA.  

DEXMA is the only hardware-neutral SaaS platform on the market. This means that no matter which energy metering devices you use, we can integrate them. And probably, they are among our hundreds of existing integrations with devices from main hardware vendors like SOCOMEC, Carlo Gavazzi, 4-noks... 

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