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Recording Event
October 2019

After the 4 DEXMA Days 2019 event that took place in October, we would like to share with you the recording of the Online English session. If you were one of the registered or finally could not register and / or attend, here you have the session.

Why is this event recording interesting?

Optimising energy and sustainability performance - because it's no longer a question of if, but when and howDEXMA Day is where you can learn, along with another hundreds of energy professionals from public and private organisations, how to dispel your doubts.

The DEXMA Day online event, held on 24 October at 15h (CET), is a 2-hour free webinar where you learn more about Energy Management industry trends, see some great DEXMA product announcements, and much more. If you’re an Energy Management professional or if your organisation has an ongoing energy efficiency project, you can’t afford to miss this great presentation.


  • DEXMA v.2019

After 12 years in business, DEXMA has cemented its own position in the Energy Management Software space with pioneering software-led intelligence. The DEXMA co-founders share their latest insights into the company's evolution.

Presenters: Joan Pinyol and Guillem Corominas, Co-founders

  • One DEXMA Platform

How are organizations or utilities with complex portfolios performing massive energy efficiency virtual audits with one-click? How anomaly detection through Artificial Intelligence is becoming the Energy Manager’s virtual assistant? 

Learn how DEXMA has unified its entire product portfolio with a whole new experience. Fasten your seat belt, this is going to be a terrific demo session.

Presenters: Daniel Utges, Product  | Alicia Comella, Designer | Miguel Cruz, Business development 

  • Start working with us! 

Public organizations, Energy Services Companies, Utilities, Enterprise customers, OEMs ... DEXMA’s EMS is widely used by thousands of organizations worldwide. Stay tuned in this section and learn how easy it is to start managing your energy data with DEXMA.

Presenters: Mio Dart & Elodie Guillard, Sales & Marketing | Irene Simic, Customer Success

  • Q&A

If you are interested in the content of this event and you would like to see the Online session, you can access the video by filling in the form on the right.