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The State of Energy Management 2019: Survey Results

The Trends Your Peers Will Follow in 2019

The speed at which the energy sector is evolving in the last decade thanks to digitalization is making the sector evolve without brake. For example, from this past 2018 we can highlight the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the sectorEN - Cover Report 2019 - especial Banner home

That's why, for the 4º consecutive year, we have conducted our annual survey on the changing energy management landscape, reporting from +300 respondents worldwide (+120 countries).

In it you'll find very valuable information and conclusions that will make you understand the trends in the energy sector for 2019, the potential risks to be controlled, the technologies so that your company is up to date, novelties...

Download the full report to understand: 
    • What drives your prospects to invest in energy management
    • The top priorities of your peers (and competitors) for the coming year 
    • Typical energy technology spend metrics in the industry

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