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Save Energy in Supermarkets

SUPERSPAR SAVES +€90,000 in Energy

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How this SUPERSPAR Supermarket Saved +€90K in Energy 

SUPERSPAR  is a leading retailer in the food industry across Southern Africa. The main challenge for IDM Solutions at SUPERSPAR Despatch was to lower their energy bills and their energy emissions without reducing productivity in this supermarket of 2,060 m2.

Download the case study to see how SUPERSPAR Despatch: 

  • Bet on efficient control of consumption to identify and optimize inefficient equipment
  • Reduced its CO2 emissons by 46%
  • Reduced its total energy bill by 25%
"DEXMA software not only has great analytical tools, but also the visual tools necessary to be able to convey precise energy savings in financial terms"  



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How can I save energy in a supermarket?

Data Quality

When implementing an energy management plan in a supermarket, you need to trust the data you receive is complete. Discover how IDM Solutions did this for the SUPERSPAR Despatch Supermarket.

Real-Time Data

Without real-time data, you can't take sufficiently quick action to adjust your path toward energy efficiency. Discover how IDM Solutions helped SUPERSPAR Destpatch bring their supermarket up to speed with real-time energy data.

Seek Expert Advice


The SUPERSPAR success story was driven by the experience and expertise of IDM Solutions to implement a complete energy efficiency plan for a supermarket. Do you already have a team of energy managers in mind?

Demonstrate ROI

Many supermarkets are made up of multiple stakeholders, so it is important to justify every euro spent on energy efficiency. DEXMA uses the IPMVP protocol to help you demonstrate the ROI of your supermarket's energy management.

Data Analytics

Monitoring is fine, but if you don't have analysis tools, you'll end up having hundreds of Excel files with your supermarket's energy data. And this doesn't help you make good decisions.

When I will see Results

 Energy efficiency projects in supermarkets begin to generate savings between the first six months and the first year of work. Download the SUPERSPAR case study to view a full and real work cycle. 


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