3ex4 helped TACSA generate energy savings in two industrial metallurgy plants

TACSA is a metallurgical company with 2 plants that, after the economic crisis faced a challenge: how to make the production process more profitable

This way, they could reverse the decline in customer turnover and improve margins.

Thanks to a comprehensive, long-term industrial energy management plan involving the entire company and managed by 3ex4 experts, TACSA was able to achieve

  • Savings of more than €110,000 in energy.

  • Control of both electricity and gas sources, essential to the production process.

  • Centralised management of both plants’ energy consumption.

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Energy Efficiency in Industry

"The fact that the DEXMA Platform is a web application allows for a lot of flexibility to perform queries and there is no user limit. The graphs and analysis applications are very user-friendly, which means that practically no training is necessary to be able to use the software. The ability to generate personalised reports is also something that we value very highly."