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Save Energy in Industry: TACSA saves €110,000 with Energy Management Strategy

Energy experts specialised in the industrial sector tell us how they did it


3ex4 helps TACSA generate energy savings in both industrial metallurgy plants

TACSA is a metallurgical company with 2 plants that, after the economic crisis faced a challenge: how to make the production process more profitable? In this way, they could reverse the decline in customer turnover and improve margins.

Thanks to a comprehensive, long-term industrial energy management plan involving the entire company and managed by 3ex4 experts, TACSA was able to achieve

  • Savings of more than €110,000 in energy

  • Control of both electricity and gas sources, essential to the production process

  • Centralised management of both plants’ energy consumption

Download the success story and learn how to save energy in your production facility!

Implemented by: 3ex4_ingenieros.png 

The fact that DEXMA is a web application allows for a lot of flexibility to perform queries and there is no user limit. The graphs and analysis applications are very user-friendly, which means that practically no training is necessary to be able to use the software. The ability to generate personalized reports is also something that we value very highly."


Tomàs Tomàs

Purchasing Manager, TACSA

Read the Success Story


6 Best Practices to Save Energy in the Industrial Sector

Technology that Adapts to Your Project

The best energy analytics technology is the one that adapts to your current and future project needs. The TACSA project has evolved thanks to the flexibility of DEXMA

Avoid Halting Production

Saving energy should not stop the industrial process. Having a medium- and long-term plan and good tracking tools ensures that production processes can continue unaffected.

Demonstrate ROI

It is important to be able to demonstrate returns on energy efficiency investments in any sector, and industry is no different. With DEXMA you can use scorecards and M & V tools to verify savings and demonstrate the added value of your energy efficiency project.

Work with Real-Time Data

In industrial processes it is essential to have data in real time. This enables operational managers to generate alerts for excess consumption or increases in production costs ... Real-time data enables instant visibility into what is happening with your production process, where and when it’s happening.

Involve a Team of Experts

TACSA and 3ex4 created a dedicated energy team to monitor their energy management plan. The expert team met periodically to follow up on improvements, and the platform allows for the creation of unlimited dashboards to support multiple user roles.

Share your Results

Thanks to DEXMA's customisable dashboards and reports, the entire TACSA team is informed of the energy saving plan and managers know exactly what is being done and why.