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How To Save Energy in Public Services

How the Spanish Ministry of Justice Saved More Than €1.5M in One Year


Save money by investing in public services

Public administrations have a huge energy savings potential. They consume hundreds of kWh across geographically dispersed locations. They can see quick results if they put in place energy efficiency plans, like the Spanish Ministry of Justice did: 

  • Centralise energy providers to negotiate better pricing
  • Optimise power use
  • Analyse peaks and monitor what happens in each location

Nowadays, saving energy is not only important for your finances, but you also have an ethical obligation. While service to citizens must be maintained, many public services are under pressure to cut costs. Energy is normally the third highest cost in an organisation. 

Don't compromise on services to citizens: save energy and stay productive in an efficient and comfortable environment for public servants.

“We are very satisfied with the support with which the CIAS COM consultant provides us to control and optimise the management of the general service contracts in the almost 300 judicial buildings which make up the Regional Offices of the Ministry of Justice, which has enabled us significant cost savings and improved the quality of the services of facility maintenance, energy supplies, cleaning buildings, elevators, security and surveillance, and others.”
User Opinion - Save Energy in Public Administration

JUAN JOSÉ DE LA PEÑA,  Head of Procurement - SG of Economic Resources of the Administration of Justice


Download the Case Study:


FAQs of Energy Savings Plans in Public Administration

What's in it for me?

If saving 22% on your energy is not enough for you, think about other potential issues, like regulation, that might affect you. Think that if you save money on energy, you can spend those savings on improving services for citizens. 

How much shall I invest?

We usually go by the 10% rule. which says you need to invest 10% of your total annual energy costs, or one monthly bill. This is a good indicator of how much it will cost to implement your energy efficiency plan. 

When will I see the ROI?

Most of energy efficiency projects in public administration see results right after the metering phase of the project and in the application of initial measures to correct problematic behaviours.


I don't have a energy expert

 Don't worry! Like the example of Spanish Ministry of Justice you can work with external experts. Select an Energy Services Company (ESCO) close to you and start your savings plan! 

Will my services be affected?

Not at all! Quite the opposite: your citizens will benefit with your energy management program. You will have a more sustainable public office and, in addition, you can use the savings generated to improve your services!

How much will I save?

Since we haven't met, it's difficult to give you a precise figure ;) But you can get an estimate using our open access platform: DEXMA Detect.