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Add Context to Your Energy Consumption

The ROI of your energy efficiency projects can vary according to a range of factors, including the types and configurations of energy-consuming systems, available resources and regulatory codes. 

But are you overlooking the impact of operating hours on ROI?

Projects involving systems or facilities exposed to the most hours of daily use are more likely to benefit from accelerated and shorter payback periods - now you can pinpoint them.

Though you might have little to no control over how working hours or scheduling is implemented in your business, our newest app clarifies the relationship between operating hours and energy consumption to make cost-cutting easier than ever.

In this free live training session, you will:

  • Learn the importance of syncing the time bands you actually consume energy with real use cases from SMS Plc
  • Meet the newest addition to the Energy Apps Market for DEXMA: the Operating Hours App 
  • Understand how this new app can help add granularity to your energy reporting and generate a faster ROI for your energy efficiency projects

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